senang-senang datang la lagi eyh..sahabaT amatlah dialU-alUkan...

Friday, 18 June 2010

la tahzan..

Don’t be sad, because the grief will make stored property in your aesthetical furnitures, in proud your palaces, and in the green your gardens would only increase emergency and your grief only.

Don’t be sad, because the grief will become medicine which gave by doctor, sold at pharmacies, and diagnosed one doctor will not ever make happy yourself. What else when you still inculcate grief in heart, suspend grief in second eyelid, let yourself to be entered the grief, and smuggle its under the skin, then all that'd vain.

Don’t be sad, because your still own prayer. You can kneel front God almighty doors, and yours can gain peace in front of the doors Royal's King of all kings. You also still owns third time last night and still stuck on forehead to earth, prostrate.

Don’t be sad, because Allah already creating earth with everything his fill, have grew parks which gives beautiful scenery, filled gardens aesthetical and leafy plant for you, dates high which possess arranged palm-blossom, bright stars, forest, and rivers.

Don’t be sad, because you still able drink clear waters, sipping great atmosphere, walk above second foot without using doormat, and your still can sleep soundly in nocturnal.

Beg for pardon far so that you discover way out, get spiritual calmness, legitimate property, and pious family.

Prophet said: “Anyone increase Istighfar (beg for pardon), certainly Allah will give way out for every emergency and will open exit from each narrowness"

La tahzan, Dr. Aidh alqarny…

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