senang-senang datang la lagi eyh..sahabaT amatlah dialU-alUkan...

Sunday, 15 May 2011

A picture of you reminds me

A picture of you reminds me
How the years have gone so lonely
Why do you come and leave me
Without saying that you love me

I'm saying i love you again
Are you listening
Open your eyes once again
Look at me crying

If only you could hear me
Shout your name
If only you could feel
My love again
The stars in the sky will
Never be the same

If only you were here..

now I realise that U always with me, i luv u ALLAH...



Umairah said...
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Umairah said...

Cinta-Nya yg hakiki..moga kita sama2 beroleh cinta yg didambakan..

mOhd ziQRuL fHahmie b dERaman said...